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AVAILABLE ON ALL UNSTUFFED MAKE A BEAR ANIMALS and CLOTHING for unstuffed bear party planners.

LARGE GROUP PRICING AVAILABLE for all childrens party activity or occasions!

Discount prices on any quantities! A great childrens birthday party activity with an at home unstuffed make a party bear activity.

We offer unstuffed bear and plush animals to stuff yourself for small children with a personalized recordable teddy bear voice box so your little one doesn’t ever forget you love them. Our teddy bears and dolls make great children's birthday bear activity goodie bag ideas and are an amazing gift for a little child. Only $10.95 each including stuffing; unstuffed bear and animal kits that are perfect for childrens birthday unstuffed bear parties and also serve as personalized recordable teddy bears for the child whose parent is in the military. Our unstuffed plush animals serve as a great birthday activity at a stuffed bear birthday party for little kids. We pride ourselves in our commitment to service and we hope to continue to offer your superior products like our plush unstuffed animals at discount prices.

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